2022 Riesling – Wormeldange Koeppechen – Magnum (1,5 L) wooden box (***Allocation***)

Wooden Box of 1x150cl bottle


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Selected by hand from the best fruit of our organic cultivated ‘Wormeldange Koeppchen’ vineyard. ‘Koeppchen’ is probably one of the most famous winegrowing areas in Luxembourg, if not the most famous.

Our old vines grow here on old non restructured stone terraces. During the day those walls are heated up by the sun. This generates not only a very special and warm microclimate for our wines but also for the fauna. Hundreds of lizards are sunbathing on the warm stones during sunny days.

Small yields paired with exceptional climate conditions are the main ‘ ingredients ‘ for this very elegant and complex Riesling.

13% alc by vol.


Fir an Zukunft d’Cuvéeën  Riesling Wormeldange Koeppchen an Legado de Léon prioritär fir Iech ze reservéieren, bitt den Domaine Madame Aly Duhr d’Méiglechkeet un vun enger Allocatioun, enger permanenter Reservatioun.

Wann Dir interesséiert sidd, dann deelt Dir eis mat, wéi vill Fläschen Dir dëst Joer wëllt an des Quantitéit ass am Prinzip déi nächst Joren fir Iech virgesinn.

Är Reservatioun kann allerdéngs och reduzéiert ginn, wann, wiederbedéngt, manner Wäin produzéiert gëtt, respektiv bei Frascht och ganz ausfalen.

De Virdeel vun enger Allocatioun ass, nieft der Garantie vum limitéierte Produit, den avantagéise Präis par Rapport zum normale Verkafspräis. D’Reservatioun leeft am Prinzip all Joer weider, kann awer zu all Moment gekënnegt ginn.

Bei Onkloerheeten oder Froen, zéckt net eis ze froen.


Riesling Wormeldange Koeppchen and Legado de Léon are very limited wines. That’s why Domaine Madame Aly Duhr offers you the possibility of an allocation, a permanent reservation, to buy those two rarities.

If you are interested, let us know how many bottles you want to purchase. This quantity will be reserved for you for the upcoming vintages.

Please consider that your reservation may be reduced if less wine is produced because of weather conditions or may be even cancelled if the vineyard is hit by severe frost.

The advantage of an allocation is, beside the guarantee to receive those limited products, the advantageous price compared to the common selling price. The reservation will continue every year but you can resign at any moment.

In case of obscurities or questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

Ben & Max Duhr


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